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The Scrivener is a fast, accurate and flexible transcription service catering for all sectors, from TV production to medical and legal.
The Scrivener Transcription Services

Drawing on extensive experience we provide professional quality transcripts at highly competitive rates.

The Scrivener Transcription ServicesWe take an intelligent approach to transcription, paying close attention not only to accuracy, but also to grammar and phrasing, ensuring that your transcript will be error-free and easy to read.

Formatting, templates and timecodes, etc, can all be adapted to suit your exact requirements, with no hidden charges.

How it Works

Get in touch using the contact form below to discuss your project and get a quote.

The Scrivener Transcription ServicesThe contact form can also be used to upload audio or video files for transcription to our secure server, or use any file transfer service of your choice.  Your media will then be transcribed as a Word document and returned to you via email within an agreed timeframe.

A 24-hour turnaround service can be provided for an increased rate of 40p per minute for standard transcription, or 80p per minute for post-production transcription (please refer to rates below).

Once the transcript has been returned and completed to your satisfaction payment is accepted via BACS transfer.

Rates and Services

General Transcription

Standard Transcription – £1.10 per audio minute

A word-for-word transcript of your audio including timecodes every five minutes. Speakers identified by name where possible.

Media Transcription

Rushes Logging – £1.50 per audio minute

Transcription of unedited footage for use in the TV production process.  All dialogue transcribed verbatim with timecodes for every change of speaker.

Post-Production Transcription (Type 1) – £1.85 per audio minute

All dialogue transcribed verbatim, with timecodes for every change of speaker.  Captions, graphics and credits included.  In these scripts, timecodes are given in a column on the left corresponding to dialogue in a column on the right, with a new row for every change of speaker.

Post-Production Transcription (Type 2) – £3.65 per audio minute

As above, but with all shots logged, described and timecoded in separate columns alongside the dialogue.  These scripts use a four column-format.

Reversions – £ad hoc

These are alternate versions of existing TV shows, usually for international audiences.  Where a post-production script of the original version has already been produced, we will edit the existing script to correspond to the alternate version of the show at a reduced rate.

For post-production transcripts where more or less detail is required than outlined in the options above, please contact us for a quote.  To include timecoded music cues, please add 15p per audio minute.  For timecodes accurate to the frame, please add 35p per audio minute to the above rates.

Delivery of Audio

We accept all audio file formats, with the exception of DSS.

Please upload your files here ~

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DVDs and CDs can be sent to:

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“As a journalist who regularly conducts interviews with CEOs and people in other senior positions, I need fast and very, very accurate transcriptions. The Scrivener delivers that in spades. I’ve used many transcription services, both human and automated, and The Scrivener has outshone all of them.”– Mark McCord, Writer, Editor and Journalist
“The Scrivener has turned around fast and accurate transcriptions for me, sometimes at incredibly short notice, and is always very flexible with the different elements that we require. Their rates are also very competitive”– Susi Hollins, freelance Production Manager
“Wow! Thanks – that’s probably the fastest and best turnaround for a script I’ve ever seen.”– Michelle Welch,
 In-House Production Manager, Hat Trick Productions
“Fabulous work and amazing turnaround time!”– Julie Hardy, Apprecie Solutions